Example of State Research Paper For The Seventh Grade

A research paper is mandatory assignment that students have to submit for most of their high school and college courses. Therefore it is best to start early and often students are assigned to write research papers as early as seventh grades. Certainly these seventh grade research papers are different for each state and are set according to each state’s academic curriculum.

Often students request their teachers for an example of state research paper for the seventh grade. Since most of you are writing a research paper for the first time, it is only natural to seek out help. Therefore here is a general example of state research paper for the seventh grade to ease your concern.

1.       First off you should make sure that you satisfy all the necessary details and prerequisites to write a research paper according to your particular state requirements. This will also include knowing and understanding all the intricate essentials lay down by your teacher.

2.       Selecting a topic is crucial and you should carefully select a topic that is relevant and most recent. The most important thing to remember here is to select a topic that interests you the most. This helps to maintain concentration throughout your research paper and lets you finish it in time.

3.       Once you select the topic, undertake a preliminary research to get familiar with the topic. This is significant to realize the scope of your writing.

4.       After you have conducted the groundwork research, you should limit the topic to a particular area of interest. This may be referred to as creating a niche topic where you narrow down your topic and collect reliable and appropriate information relevant to the niche topic. This should be the aspect that you will be focusing on and therefore should organize your research material and the argumentation accordingly.

5.       Next step involves drawing a rough outline of your entire research paper and formulating a thesis statement that pins down the focus of your essay. All the organized material should be placed accordingly giving it a kind of flow to the essay. This step also includes determining the paragraphing of the information to be presented in your research paper.

6.       This step is central to your example of state research paper topics for the seventh grade. This is where you should start writing your official paper. Start with an introductory paragraph that explains your thesis statement and your purpose of writing the research paper.

7.       Next you should construct the body of your research paper which will contain all your gathered research material. Each paragraph should have a distinct point and should hold the reader’s interest.

Finally you should draw a convincing conclusion. Use a persuasive tone and write a summary of your argumentation and evidences provided in your entire research paper.