Research papers on the perception of people towards zombies

If you have been given the task of writing a research paper on whether or not people believe in the concept of the living dead you must do a lot of research and then come up with some of your own ideas and concepts and perspectives as well. First of all, the most important thing that you will highlight in your research papers on the perception of people towards zombies is the fact that over the years there have been an unlimited amount of movies which have been made on the existence and the horrors of the living dead. This is going to be your main theme.

That is mainly due to the fact that movies people have made on the existence of zombies and zombie epidemics and attacks are very convincing and many people think that there can be something which can cause the dead to rise and cause the undead to create havoc on earth. Mainly people have developed a concept of zombies due to watching such movies, these movies have developed a perception that a zombie epidemic can occur and people everywhere talk about what they will do when this occurs.

Now mainly they do this out of fun and to sell their product but many of them actually believe through technology and modern medicine and modern medical technology scientists can cause this to happen. Research papers on the perception of people towards zombies are very interesting to write and involve a great deal of imagination. These days people do actually think that zombies do exist and can exist, previously this was something people never even though of but these days many people actually hope and expect that a zombie apocalypse will occur.

Zombies as everyone knows are the undead and the living dead which consume human flesh; they crave the flesh of living human beings and are mindless. In order to annihilate them they need to be shot in the head that is the only way you can kill them. While all this is fictional but in the minds of some people this is real and they expect the undead to rise and cause mayhem.

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