Research paper on teenagers and eating disorders

Teenagers and eating disorders go hand in hand. A research paper on teenagers and eating disorders will have the student write about the disorders that teenagers have and what steps can be taken to cure those disorders. The disorders that teens face today are Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia nervosa. The Anorexia nervosa disorder means that the individual starves himself to become thin, to the extreme point of weight-loss which is unhealthy, whereas the person with Bulimia nervosa is categorized as a binge eater.

This means that the individual will have low weight but it will fluctuate and not go on to an extreme weight-loss case such as an anorexia patient. The student will start the research paper with an introductory paragraph about the topic. He will write about the meaning of the disorder and what are the types of it. Since it is a research paper, the student will also have to give a thesis statement which will be his point of view towards the topic.

Moving on in a research paper on teenagers and eating disorders, the student will start a body paragraph section which must have more than three paragraphs and more, if the student wants it. The body paragraph will discuss the topic in detail. The student will write about various issues that affect teenagers due to which eating disorders occur. Some of the symptoms of an anorexia patient are depression, preference to eat in isolation, insomnia, compulsive exercise and bitter hair or nails. The bulimia patient will have symptoms like dental problems, swollen cheeks or glands, laxatives abuse and problems with drugs, alcohol or crime. Furthermore, the body paragraphs should also include other factors due to which eating disorders occur in teenagers.

These other factors can be the media role of showing models that are extremely thin, and the carelessness of parents towards their children. There should be a paragraph which talks about the student’s thesis point and tells the reader about the student’s view.

The conclusion of your research paper on teenagers and eating disorders will summarize the whole topic. The student should make sure not to add new points in the conclusion, as there are high chances that contradictions may occur. Whatever sites were used in writing the paper, they should be cited in the reference section of the paper.

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